Pitter Patter Photography

                                                for all the little things...


That's amazing Lorraine!! To infinity and beyond!! Haha love the composition, colors and background diffusion is superb. If there's pet photography to be done I'd know who to refer to! ~ Jonathan Ho Photography

I just wanna let you know that I love your work! Awesome pictures! There are plenty of pet photographer out there…the ones that stand out  from the rest are the ones who can catch the true personality of the pet…and  I’ve seen that in many of your pics! And I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s coz  you connect with them…the mallys and huskies esp! ~ Max Mbb Fujimoto-Akita             

Thank you for capturing such natural beauty of our little girl and her best friend. They are inseparable and you managed to take all of this in with all your wonderful photos that we will treasure forever. ~ Sandra Morton
We knew you took amazing photos but we never expected you to exceed our expectations with our photos the way you did. We are so glad we took your advice and went for this photo in the aluminium print finish. It looks spectacular on our lounge room wall and  always reminds us of the fun day we had with you during our photo shoot. Priceless memories that will  last  forever. Thank you Lorraine. ~ The Walson Family

Thank you for the great photos you have taken of our children & pets. We love looking at them on our walls and the kids are always getting the beautiful photo album you put together for us and looking at their photos. You are very talented and we could see just how much passion your have for what you do. You've done a great job and we love all the memories you have put together for us. ~ Tilly Charlton